True Love and Real Wealth

What exactly is Fish Love?

The fish wants to swim and breathe and live in the waters.

It wants to be free to swim with other fish and chase its dreams.

You also love fish.

But you like to take it out of the water, kill it and fry and eat it.

You don’t love the fish, you only love yourself.

If you truly loved the fish, you would get into the waters and swim with it.

You would let it live. You would follow it as it chased its dreams.

If you truly loved the fish, you would not take it out of the water, kill it and fry and eat it.

Check out the  video below by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski.

It will change your life.

Video of Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski On Love

Refer to my article on what “Real Wealth” is.  

The goal of “Real Wealth” is to become immortal.  It is to never die.  This is the ultimate goal of the Sanathan Dharma.  This is the “Real Wealth”. 

To be remembered and loved for millenniums like Lord Ram, Jesus and the Sakyamuni.

As the saying goes:

If you live in the hearts of those who we love, is to never die.

This wealth does not come from just earning huge amounts of money.

This wealth can only be developed by the consistent practice of True Love,  Dharma, SEVA (Selfless Sacrifice) and the things I have figured out.

This publication is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice.

Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Before you take their advice, make sure the financial professional has a significant portion of their own, and if possible also their children’s net worth, in the investments that they are recommending to you, just like I have done, and publicly displayed at

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