According to me, the difference between an investor and a speculator is that a speculator is only interested in return on financial capital.

So, in some way all of us are just speculators if all we are looking for is return on financial capital.

An investor is someone who invests in a business hands on, not just buying shares in the stock market.

An investor will research the business, be an active participant and will be interested in the business as a whole.

Not just its profits and revenues, but also its employees, its clients, and its contribution to society.

He will not just put money, but also his blood, sweat, tears and guts into the business.

In these times, all we have is casino capitalism run and owned by Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps.

The only ones who make money in today’s Casino Capitalist Stock markets are  Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps, and of course smart investors like me who have figured out the market finally, after being raped even upto bankruptcy by the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps.

The biggest con acts in the finance industry today are mutual funds and ULIPs and also so called “strategies” of “Buy and Hold”, vigorously promoted by many billionaire investment managers and hedge fund owners.

They want us to “Buy and Hold” so that they can cash their profits.

What the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps actually want us to do is not “Buy and Hold” but “Buy and Hold the bag.

So, for now it is better to be a Short term Speculator or an ICU Lottery Ticket Speculator and only risk money you can afford to lose.

With the rest of the money, invest in a property that will get you a residential rental income.

Or invest in a professional company that will invest in residential rental properties.

Or if you are willing to work hard and be hands on to make your investment grow, then invest in a farm and practice progressive and natural chemical free farming.

By 2025 in Bharat, a farmer with 5 acres, who is educated in the art of progressive and natural chemical free farming and cooperative marketing, will be making more money than a software engineer working for an IT/BT Coolie.

Do not invest in any farmland or property now unless you have been lucky enough to already own it.

Wait till 2023 or 2024 to start investing in land and property and also most stocks.

The exemption to investing in stocks even in 2020 applies if you use the formulas for which I have given below which can be invested on when you get the right opportunity to do so.

By 2023 or 2024, prices of land will be 1/10th of today’s prices which has led to  a bubble in every asset due to the pumping of “free” money by all the FUKUS (France, UK, USA) central banks and Japan.

If you want to be really safe, until 2023 just invest in Sovereign gold bonds.

And also in short term liquid funds.

The interest rate may be only 2%, but at least getting 2% is better than losing 50% of your money investing in overpriced “assets”.

I have also given a formula in this publication for investing in stable low risk evergreen dividend paying free cash flow to equity positive stocks trading at a bargain.

Read the Wikipedia article to  understand more about free cash flow to equity.

Investing in these types of stocks can be done even today since many promising stocks are trading below their book value and still free cash flow to equity positive.

A lot of stocks will end up in the ICU by November 2020.

If you are above 50 and have no debt, put a maximum of 10% of your capital as risk capital, in a basket ICU Lottery ticket stocks again using the formula I give you in this book. 

If you are above 60 and have no debt, just use the formula for Low Risk, Stable and Dividend Investing in Evergreen Stocks. If you have money you can afford to lose (mad money), and it will not affect you if you lose it, then put that mad money in a basket of ICU lottery ticket stocks.

If you are below 25 and have no debt, put upto 30% of your capital as risk capital in ICU lottery ticket stocks.

But don’t put all your risk capital in one ICU lottery ticket stock, spread it across at least 5 ICU lottery ticket stocks.

Thoroughly study past economic bubbles and crashes for upto 300 years.

Take the Kondratiev Wave seriously.

This calls for even more patience, but if you can follow the Kondratiev Wave, even one trading period of a few months in your life time will change your family for generations.

Knowing when to jump onto the next technological breakthrough and jumping out when you see the end of the cycle can change your family for generations.

Nikolai Kondratiev was one of the most underrated economists, but in my opinion, his theories are most suited in the long term and for this world in general.

He had a lot of significant and useful theories on agriculture, which is the basis and only long term sustainable policy for any economy.

Unfortunately he was born during Stalin’s rule, and Stalin being the asshole that he was, had Nikolai Kondratiev sent to a labour camp and then had him shot for exposing the unpleasant truths of Stalin’s policies.

These Kondratiev cycles last as long as 50-60 years.

The tech enabled finance and casino capitalism revolution started in 1971.

I expect it to collapse by March 2020.

All tech and tech enabled finance does is intangible.

All you need is a computer and some smart software to produce profits.

It actually produces nothing, it just drives people and finally countries in to debt, and produces profits only for a few select Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas.

So after mid 2020, the next cycle of the Kondratiev Wave will begin and it will be back to technologies and businesses promoting sustainable growth using tangible and measurable products especially in agriculture, energy (decentralised power grids, Nuclear Fusion and other energy sources from our Shastras and innumerable ancient texts), organic and natural food products and FMCGtraditional healthcare (Ayurveda), artisanal guild cooperative production, community owned banks, water pollution control, water conservation and recharge, biodegradable replacements for plastic and other toxic products, and natural replacements for animal products.

I am setting up an investment fund to chase the above opportunities and have quite a few good leads and potential opportunities.

If you are interested in the above opportunities and are serious and patient and high risk tolerant, then use my feedback form at my company शम्भल समत्वम् (Shambhala Samathvam) to contact me.


This article was originally written in 2017 and came true in 2020.  I have slightly modified it to include today’s conditions.

That is why I returned over 50% from 2018 up to date (June 2020) by following the advice I wrote in 2017.

You can get monthly view of my equity curve, and proof of my past investments since 2018 and my Mettl Psychometric Test at

This website does not have details of my current holdings which I intend to disclose only to my true family and true friends.

I have liquidated most of my gold ETF and put it in some stocks that I thought would perform better than gold.  My wife has decided to retain her portfolio in gold ETFs and I will try to convince her to liquidate it after November 2020 when I expect the market to collapse below the March 2020 lows.


For what to do from July 2020 to 2023 and beyond, read my article blueprint for Armageddon 2020 and beyond.

This publication is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice.

Investments are subject to market risks and you could lose all or a significant portion of your investment.

Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Before you take their advice, make sure the financial professional has a significant portion of their own, and if possible also their children’s net worth, in the investments that they are recommending to you, just like I have done, and publicly displayed at

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