Short Term Trading

This form of trading covers hourly to daily to weekly to monthly and applies to currencies but can also be applied to other short term instruments like commodity and equity and futures and options.

As far as possible never speculate in equity and equity index futures and options.  It is just a waste of time, money, and resources. 

Only writers of these options consistently make money. Options buyers lose money 999 times out of 1000. 

Never write options with your own hard earned money, this is only done by people who are using OPM (Other People’s Money) and people using OPM are only found among the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps.

For short term trading the only person I would recommend to learn from is Chris Lee from Pip Mavens.

He has taken 11 years and lost more than $ 350,000 before he became a profitable trader so if you learn from him you will save 11 years and probably not have to lose more than $10000 after you master his instructions.

Chris Lee writes like Zen Master, and his trading is also like a Zen Master, at least from the equity curve what he shows on his website which I assume to be the truth.

This publication is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice.

Investments are subject to market risks and you could lose all or a significant portion of your investment.

Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Before you take their advice, make sure the financial professional has a significant portion of their own, and if possible also their children’s net worth, in the investments that they are recommending to you, just like I have done, and publicly displayed at

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